About Us

Ocean Coast Clothing is a family owned & operated Ecommerce store, My wife and I came up with the idea in 2020 but never got around to doing anything until we finally opened up in 2023. After the pandemic and rising costs of everything in our lives, just working our 9:00-5:00's alone was just not cutting it and we needed to do something different to help us afford living.

So we decided to take the jump and build a website selling products we design ourselves and provide consumers with great quality and unique designs. We figured if we can design, sell, and ship products directly to the customers door for no shipping costs we would be able to save everyone time and fuel on driving and shopping.

While our focus is to deliver to you a quality product with our own designs the "REEL" hero in all of this is YOU the consumer. You make having the store possible and without you we would not be able to continue providing our unique products.

We appreciate and thank every single one of our customers for supporting and trusting us through these times and for giving us a chance to provide you with these great products.

"God bless you & God Bless America."
Ocean Coast Clothing Family